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Location: Av. Tamaulipas 155, Hipódromo Condesa, Cuauhtémoc.

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Quality Language Courses for Individuals, Couples, Small Groups and Business


Learn online, at your home or office, at our school in Mexico City, or at any of our locations across the country


Our approach applies language in a verbal, practical and functional way, methods shown to have much higher long-term memory retention in adult learners.

We offer modern methods with conversational classes that are led by the student.

Our classes are highly personalized, designed to suit your way of learning, your schedule and your needs, whether you are here in Mexico or studying online.


We are a community of students, teacher and support staff, who support your journey to Spanish fluency long after your lessons are complete.

We are here on every step of your journey and every aspect of life in Mexico City, with regular activities and events outside the classroom.


ABC Spanish Mexico is focused on teaching, demonstrating and providing insight into Mexican culture alongside other Latin- American and native Spanish speaking countries.

Why do you need ABC Spanish?

• You have studied Spanish but lack to confidence to have a fluent conversation in a real-life scenario 

• You have studied vocabulary but need to work on grammar and structure

• You don’t know how to structure your study to see big improvements in a limited space of time

• You love to travel and want to remove the barriers that can exist in Spanish-speaking countries, connecting with locals on their terms

• You want to communicate your thoughts in Spanish, allowing you to understand and connect with local culture


What solutions do we offer?

• Our convsersational method empowers you: this learning process is more natural and build your confidence as you learn from your mistakes 

• Our amazing teachers are highly-skilled, experienced and ready to start your course immediately

• We give you the flexibility to suit your lifestyle. All our classes are available online to suit your schedule, routine or worldwide travel plans

• It is quick and easy to register and pay for classes. You can find your current Spanish level online by using our free placement exam below


All our courses are currently 100% in person and online, we have two modalities.



“I’d spent years struggling with basic, high-school Spanish, until I started taking classes with ABC Spanish. Their approach is practical, conversational, flexible, and most importantly, incredibly effective. 

In just a few weeks, I surprised myself with my ability to converse and break past the basic level I’d always been stuck at. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants to get serious about learning Spanish. 

I’ve worked with them both virtually and in-person, and the online sessions are as effective as in-person” 

Jonathan Kalan, USA

rasmus y anita

“If you want to learn Spanish the real Mexican way, then get Diana as your teacher. She will not only teach you Spanish, by letting you speak a lot, she also teach you about Mexican culture, history, food etc. Her lessons are always fun and helpful. She is truly the best language teacher I’ve ever had and she mixes the classes up to keep them different and exciting”

Anita and Rasmus, Denmark

I’ve been learning Spanish for 6 months, the method is conversational and  this method was very helpful for me. 

I really enjoyed my lessons…we were drinking Mexican chocolate during the class and eating local specialties while I studied. It was amazing, something I’ll never forget”

Akira, Japan

abc alumnos



We are not just Spanish teachers, we are a thriving community.

We enjoy our time together and plan different activities and events outside the classroom.


Our teachers have been carefully recruited and trained extensively in our modern student-led methods.

We make sure to understand your needs and personality before the course starts, and we match you with the best teacher for YOUR LEARNING STYLE.

Teachers professionals in Spanish Literature and Lingüistics

spanish teacher

Iris Orquidea Salazar Martínez


spanish teacher

Nilda Macerla Villalobos Benitez


spanish teacher

Oliver de la Vega Lozano


Alfredo David Escobedo Valderrama




For any questions please contact us and we will try to answer ASAP

ABC Spanish Roma – Condesa second floor